CISSP certification: Free full CISSP practice exam on – until 9/13-17

I just made one of my CISSP full 250 question practice exams completely free for a few days!

This is a full CISSP practice exam, it has 250 questions just like the exam and the domains are weighted at the same percentage as well.

The exam has 8 Domains make up the CISSP CBK (Common Body of Knowledge):
Security and Risk Management – 16%
Asset Security – 10%
Security Engineering – 12%
Communications and Network Security – 12%
Identity and Access Management – 13%
Security Assessment and Testing – 11%
Security Operations – 16%
Software Development Security – 10%

At the end of the practice exam you can see the total % score and a weighted % score for each of the 8 domains as well as you can review each question and sort by knowledge area, correct answers, wrong answers, skipped questions and questions marked for review.

To pass the exam you need the knowledge to pass (obviously), but that is not enough.

Understand and answer every question from a Manager or a Risk Advisors point of view, NOT C-level or as a techie.

Spot the keywords (non-repudiation, public key,) and the indicators (Not, Most, First).

It is a LONG exam, you have 6 hours to answer 250 questions and I suggest multiple passes.

Mark for review and revisit the questions you are not sure about, but make sure to check an answer, even if you have no clue 25% chance is better than 0%.

Eliminate wrong answers: If they ask about encryption and the answer are DES, AES, Sprinkler systems, the OSI model, you can safely eliminate Sprinkler and OSI, you are now at a 50% chance of a right answer.

Do some practice tests like this one, do the full 6 hours and 250 questions to see how you handle it, this is as much mental stamina and reading the questions right  as it is the actual knowledge.

You can take this test as many times as you want, the questions and the answer order is randomized.  I would suggest 80%+ of right answers consistently on all domains using multiple practice tests before booking the exam.

Take the practice test, find your weak areas, study those and then take it again, rinse/repeat as much as needed.

On this practice test you can see your progress, it saves the previous attempts.


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