CISSP Practice question #104

Which type of networking circuits can the traffic use different paths?
A: Packet switching.
B: Circuit switching.
C: Weighted routing tables.
D: Full traffic switching.

CBK 4: Communication and Network Security
Source: practice tests


A: Packet switching – Cheap, but no capacity guarantee, very widely used today. Data is sent in packets, but take multiple different paths to the destination. The packets are reassembled at the destination.

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  1. A -explanation …packets can use different paths where as circuits connected via one path. Dedicated circuits like a T1 circuit uses one path. VoIP phones for example uses different paths…packets are sent and via IP it uses the best effort delivery while maximizing QoS. VoIP is a packet switching configuration. The old POTS or Plain Old Telephone uses a circuit switching network and uses that circuit as long as the connection remains between two subscribers, for example. Hope my answer is correct.

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