CISSP Practice question #128

In our BCP which team is defined as responsible for the dealing with the disaster when it happens?
A: Rescue.
B: Recovery.
C: Salvage.
D: All of these.

CBK 7: Security Operations
Source: practice tests


A: Rescue team (activation/notification): Responsible for dealing with the disaster as it happens. Evacuate employees, notifies the appropriate personnel (call trees) pull the network from the infected server or shut down systems, and initial damage assessment.

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    1. The key to this question is “when it happens” meaning during the actual occurrence of the disaster. In that case, A is your correct answer as only the rescue team acts during.a disaster. B and C must wait until the occurrence has ceased in order to begin their operations.

    1. We don’t usually see salvage operations begin until well past the end of the disaster. Recovery also can’t occur until the disaster has been controlled. A is your answer, as that is the immediate reaction that occurs during the disaster.

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