CISSP Practice question #187

An disgruntled former employee of our organization is trying to break passwords of our administrator accounts using a key logger, how does he do that?
A: He uses the entire key space.
B: He uses full words often with numbers at the end.
C: He uses precompiled hashes to compare the password hash to.
D: He has software installed on a computer that records all keystrokes.

CBK 5: Identity and Access Management
Source: practice tests


D: Keylogging (Keystroke logging): A keylogger is added to the users computer and it records every keystroke the user enters. Software, a program installed on the computer. The computer is often compromised by a trojan, where the payload is the keylogger or a backdoor. The keylogger calls home or uploads the keystrokes to a server at regular intervals. Hardware, attached to the USB port where the keyboard is plugged in. Can either call home or needs to be removed to retrieve the information.

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