Which of these are not considered useful in authentication?
A: Something you are.
B: Something you know.
C: Something you believe.
D: Something you have.

CISSP Certification 2018 Domain 1: Security and Risk Management
Source: https://thorteaches.com/ daily CISSP practice exam questions for the 2018 CISSP exam version.


C: Something you believe is not an authentication factor. Authentication factors would be – Type 1 Authentication (passwords, pass phrase, PIN etc.). Something you have – Type 2 Authentication (ID, Passport, Smart Card, Token, cookie on PC etc.). Something you are – Type 3 Authentication (and Biometrics) (Fingerprint, Iris Scan, Facial geometry etc.). Somewhere you are – Type 4 Authentication (IP/MAC Address). Something you do – Type 5 Authentication (Signature, Pattern unlock).

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