CISSP Practice question #77

What are common OSI layer 3 threats?
A: Eavesdropping.
B: ARP spoofing.
C: SYN floods.
D: Ping of death.

CBK 4: Communication and Network Security
Source: practice tests



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  1. Answer: D: Ping of death.
    Preventing Security Attacks from all OSI 7 Layer
    Written by CiscoNET

    Let’s quickly look what kinds of Security Attacks on OSI 7 Layer.

    Layer 7. Application /6. Presentation/5. Session Layer-Virus, Warms, Tro-hourse, Buffer overfolw, APP/OS weakness.
    Layer 4. Transport Layer – TCP sync flooding, UDP flooding, Scanning and so on.
    Layer 3. Network Layer – IP modification, DHCP attack, ICMP attack and so on.
    Layer 2. Data Link Layer – MAC modification, MAC attack, MAC flooding and so on.
    Layer 1. Physical Layer – Cable disconnected


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