CISSP Practice question #78

We are implementing new networking in our organization and we are going to use CSMA/CA, what are we implementing?
A: Wireless.
B: Ethernet.
C: Extranet.
D: Internet.

CBK 4: Communication and Network Security
Source: practice tests


A: CSMA CA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access Collision Avoidance): Used for systems that can either send or receive like wireless. They check if the line is idle, if idle they send, if in use they wait a random amount of time (milliseconds). If a lot of congestion the client can send a RTS (Request To Send), and if the host (the wireless access point) replies with a CTS (Clear To Send), similar to a token, the client will transmit. This goes some way to alleviating the problem of hidden nodes, in a wireless network, the Access Point only issues a Clear to Send to one node at a time.

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