CISSP Practice question #90

What type of fire extinguisher should you use on metal fires?
A: Wet chemical.
B: Dry powder.
C: Soda-Acid.
D: Class A.

CBK 3: Security Engineering
Source: practice tests


B: Dry Powder Extinguishers (sodium chloride, graphite, ternary eutectic chloride). Lowers the temperature and removes oxygen in the area. Primarily used for metal fires (sodium, magnesium, graphite).

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  1. Answer: B: Dry Powder

    The most common agents are sodium chloride granules and graphite powder. In recent years, powdered copper has also come into use. These dry powder extinguishers should not be confused with those that contain dry chemical agents. The two are not the same, and only dry powder should be used to extinguish a metal fire.

    M28 type – 9Kg dry powder fire extinguisher these extinguishing agents are suitable for sodium, potassium, magnesium, titanium, aluminium, and most other metal fires. This particular fire extinguisher is not suitable for fire involving Lithium.

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