Earn easy CPE’s and stay current with the (ISC)² Security Briefings Webinars

113 (and counting) 1 hour long security briefings, all worth 1 CPE.
(ISC)² Security Briefings are 1-hour webinars that provide an opportunity for attendees to take a “deep dive” into a topic by listening to a multi-part webinar series on a subject over a short period of time.
(ISC)² members appreciate the opportunity to immerse themselves in a topic and hear how an industry expert approaches solving the issue(s) being discussed. (ISC)² members earn 1 CPE per Security Briefing.
Source: www.isc2.org/News-and-Events/Webinars/Security-Briefing

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CISSP, C|EH, PMP, CCNP, CompTIA Security+, SCP, CCNA-Security, CCNA, et. Al.

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