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Thor Teaches by the numbers


Frequently asked CISSP questions

I can’t promise you anything, but there is a huge demand for CISSP certified professionals, there are currently 118,000 open CISSP jobs in the US alone and we are seeing the same picture across the world. 
The average CISSP salary in the US is over $125,000 per year.

This is the approach I use for all my studying and it seems to work for the majority of my students.

For the CISSP get 1-3 good video courses, 1-2 good books, and do 3-5,000 practice questions before the exam.

• Watch each video class once, watch it without taking notes, and watch the videos at 0.75x-1x speed. If instructor talks very slowly; speed the videos up to 1.25x – 1.5x speed.
• Read the primary book once, read everything, highlight what you think is important or what the book tells you is important.
• Re-watch each video class, take notes, and watch the videos at 1x – 1.25 speed. If instructor talks very slowly; speed the videos up to 1.5x – 2x speed.
• Re-read the primary book or read the secondary book if you have it, read everything, highlight what you know is important.
• Start on practice tests; it is normal for students who pass the CISSP to have completed 3,000 – 5,000 unique practice questions.

The CISSP exam question pool is supposedly over 10,000 questions large and growing. Meaning no practice test engine will ever “be like the exam” and brain-dumps will NOT work.

You need to understand ALL the concepts, be able to explain them, and be able to logic your way through convoluted exam questions.

You need to spend a good deal of time learning to deconstruct questions; what are they really asking here?

Do not worry if you spend 3-5 minutes on a question to begin with, just learn to deconstruct the question.

Deconstruct questions and answers:
• Read the question; spot the keywords (PKI, Integrity, HIPAA) and indicators (FIRST, MOST, BEST), then deconstruct the question; what are they really asking here.
• Once you have deconstructed the question, read the answer options.
• Deconstruct the answer options too if needed.

Normal questions have 2 distractors and 2 possible right answers.

There can also be 4 wrong answers (you then pick the LEAST wrong answer), or 4 right answers (you then pick the MOST right answer).

Do not use the same questions more than once. You will get higher scores, but it will be inaccurate scores; you have seen the questions before.

After each practice test, review the questions you got wrong, read the question explanation. Then re-read the book and re-watch the video topics you answered wrong on the test.

Re-study the topic until you understand WHY the right answer is the right answer, and why you answered it wrong.

Keep doing practice tests until you hit 75-80%+ on all domains on multiple test engines.

The last 2-4 weeks, read 11th hour and re-watch all the videos at 1.5x – 2x speed, this is just to refresh the topics you covered earlier in your studying. At this point you should be be at 75-80% on practice tests.

All this is included in our courses:
25+ hours of CISSP videos (over 180 lectures covering all 8 CISSP domains)
1,000 Thor Teaches practice questions (take them either per domain or as exam emulation) 
CISSP study guides – 230+ pages (for all 8 domains) 
CISSP study plans
500+ CISSP links
(optional) 750 Boson practice questions

CISSP certification holders are required to earn 120 CPEs per 3-year cycle, pay a $125 Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF) and adhere to (ISC)²’s Code of Ethics.

To get your CISSP certification you must have at least 5 years of professional experience in the information security field.

Your work experience must fall within two or more of the eight domains of the (ISC)² CISSP CBK:
Domain 1. Security and Risk Management
Domain 2. Asset Security
Domain 3. Security Architecture and Engineering
Domain 4. Communication and Network Security
Domain 5. Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Domain 6. Security Assessment and Testing
Domain 7. Security Operations
Domain 8. Software Development Security

You may satisfy one year of required experience through holding one of the following below (you will then need four years of relevant work experience):

Four-Year College Degree or Regional Equivalent or Approved certification on the (ISC)² Approved List

Yes, we have made CISSP study guides for you using our slides, you get over 230 pages of CISSP study guides with this course.

The CISSP CAT (Computerized Adaptive Testing) exam format uses an adaptive algorithm that tailors questions to the test taker.

You will get between 100 and 150 questions, and you have 3 hours to finish the test, that is 72 seconds per question (assuming 150 questions) which should be plenty, but still, keep an eye on the clock.

If you go above 100 questions do not panic, you still have a good chance of passing, the exam will keep giving you questions until it predicts with 95% probability that you will pass or fail or when you hit question 150. We have seen a few cases where students get 151 questions.

25 of the first 100 questions are beta questions, they do not count, you do not know which they are. and it is not the first 25, it is random. They are used by (ISC)² to test possible future exam questions.

You need to score proficient (around 70%) in all 8 CISSP domains to pass the exam, if you are below in certain domains the exam will keep giving you questions from those domains until you pass or fail.

There are 8 domains in the (ISC)² CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK).

Domain 1: Security and Risk Management – making up 15% of the weighted exam questions.
Domain 2: Asset Security – making up 10% of the weighted exam questions.
Domain 3: Security Architecture and Engineering – making up 13% of the weighted exam questions.
Domain 4: Communication and Network Security – making up 14% of the weighted exam questions.
Domain 5: Identity and Access Management (IAM) – making up 13% of the weighted exam questions.
Domain 6: Security Assessment and Testing – making up 12% of the weighted exam questions.
Domain 7: Security Operations – making up 13% of the weighted exam questions.
Domain 8: Software Development Security – making up 10% of the weighted exam questions.

You can earn CPEs in many ways, the most common are taking other certifications or do more online or live training.

You earn 1 CPE per hour spent on the activity.

Here are a few of the examples has:
• Taking an online self-paced, blended or instructor-led educational course
• Reading a magazine, book or whitepaper
• Publishing a book, whitepaper or article
• Attending a conference (in-person or virtual), educational course, seminar or presentation
• Preparing for a presentation or teaching information related to information security.
• Performing a unique work-related project that is not a part of your normal work duties
• Self-study related to research for a project or preparing for a certification examination
• Volunteering for government, public sector, and other charitable organizations
• Taking a higher education course—Handbook.ashx

Yes! You have access to our courses for 12 months, you can watch the videos and do the practice questions as many times as you want.

See what our students say about our courses.

A friend of mine first recommended Thor’s CISSP video series on Udemy and I was glad that he did! The course content was fantastic and to the point, and the real-world examples it provides helped me synthesize and apply the information. Also, a special shout out to the essential information elephants! (You’ll know what I mean). This resource was by far my favorite video series that I utilized in my successful studying for and passing of the CISSP exam in May 2020. Thank you for the fantastic content!

Anthony Jones

WCDC Site Supervisor

Bunzl Safety

Thor’s commitment to his students really comes through in his videos. He has a talent for keeping it to the essentials, and the little jokes that are peppered in every now and again help keep it feeling light and fresh. I am so glad that I found his material for my CISSP studies, he is definitely a big reason why I passed. Thanks Thor! 

Danny Tolnay

Infosec Analyst 

Hedge Fund

Thor’s bootcamp is a great way to recapitulate all the content provided in the CISSP CBK. It’s clear, concise, structured and affordable. Definitely a great tool that helps in preparing for the exam. Thanks Thor

Sven De Preter

Senior Network & System Administrator

NV Antwerps Sportpaleis

I am not sure what else there is to say that has not been said about Thor. You can tell he has a passion for teaching and really does care about his students. His videos are short and to the point which is wonderful for courses like CISSP which has such a large scope it makes it frustrating at times. Thor’s material is a breath of fresh air, and I can say without them I may not have passed. Thank you, Thor!

Peter Peterson

Cyber Risk Management

New York State Chief Information Security Office