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We teach you the curriculum, how to study right, and how to approach exam questions.


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There are RIGHT NOW over 714,000 open Cybersecurity jobs in the US, and we are seeing the same trends across the world.

That is almost as many job openings are there are people employed in Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is growing, FAST

There are currently 3.5 million job in Cybersecurity and the number of jobs are expected to grow 11-12% annually. That is close to 400,000 new jobs every year.

Getting Certified in Cybersecurity can help you get jobs as a Cybersecurity Analyst or a Cybersecurity Specialist

Source: ziprecruiter

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We expect the full course to be ready in mid/late October 2022.

Certified in Cybersecurity Videos:

Domain 1 Videos
Recorded, being edited. 90%
Domain 2 Videos
Recorded, being edited. 75%
Domain 3 Videos
Recorded, being edited. 65%
Domain 4 Videos
Being recorded 25%
Domain 5 Videos
General updates 0% - 2021 0% 0%

Certified in Cybersecurity Questions and study guides

1 Full practice test - 100 questions
1 Full practice test
Still writing questions - 100 questions 65%
Chapter practice questions
Being written - 120 questions 30%
Study guides
Being updated as I finish recordings 65%

To pass your "CC - Certified in Cybersecurity" certification you really need 4 things and we will teach you all of them.

Your instructor:

Thor Pedersen <br>CISSP, CISM, PMP, CDPSE, CC, 2x CCNP, Sec+, 3x CCNA, et. al.

Thor Pedersen
CISSP, CISM, PMP, CDPSE, CC, 2x CCNP, Sec+, 3x CCNA, et. al.

Best selling CISSP, CISM, CC, and PMP trainer with over 125,000 students worldwide.
20+ years experience working with most aspects of IT, information security, project management, and IT training.

Frequently asked CC: Certified in Cybersecurity questions:

I can’t promise you anything, but there is a huge demand for Cybersecurity certified professionals, there are currently 714,000 open Cybersecurity jobs in the US alone and we are seeing the same picture across the world. 
The average Cybersecurity Specialist salary in the US is over $107,000 per year.

You should be able to pass you CC: Certified in Cybersecurity just using my course, IF you use it right.

This is the approach I use for all my studying and it seems to work for the majority of my students.

  • Watch the entire course, take notes, use the study guide, and answer the chapter questions.
  • Re-watch each video class at 1.5x – 2x speed, take notes.
  • Do the 2 full practice tests to find your weak areas, restudy those.
  • Rewatch the videos as needed to fill knowledge gaps.

You need to understand ALL the concepts, be able to explain them, and be able to logic your way through convoluted exam questions.

You need to spend some time learning to deconstruct questions; what are they really asking here?

Do not worry if you spend 2-3 minutes on a question to begin with, just learn to deconstruct the question.

Deconstruct questions and answers:
• Read the question; spot the keywords (PKI, Integrity, HIPAA) and indicators (FIRST, MOST, BEST), then deconstruct the question; what are they really asking here.
• Once you have deconstructed the question, read the answer options.
• Deconstruct the answer options too if needed.

It is possible for questions have 2 distractors and 2 possible right answers.

After each practice test, review the questions you got wrong, read the question explanation. Then re-study your notes, the study guides, and re-watch the video topics you answered wrong on the test.

Re-study the topic until you understand WHY the right answer is the right answer, and why you answered it wrong.

All this is included in our courses:
10+ hours of CC videos (over 100 lectures covering all 5 CC domains)
2x 100 CC practice questions
140+ chapter  practice questions
CC study guides – TBD+ pages (for all 5 domains) 
CC study plan
TBD+ CC links


We made our CC study guides using our slides, you get over TBD pages of CC study guides when you purchase our full CC course.


You have access to our courses for 12 months, you can watch the videos and do the practice questions as many times as you want.

The CC exam is linear, meaning once you have answered a question, you can’t go back.

You get 100 questions and you have 2 hours to answer them, meaning on average 72 seconds.  per question,

There are no prerequisites, this certification has no experience requirements. 

There are 5 domains on the (ISC)² CC: Certified in Cybersecurity exam

Domain 1:Security Principles making up 26% of the exam questions.
Domain 2: Business Continuity (BC), Disaster Recovery (DR) & Incident Response Concepts – making up 10% of the exam questions.
Domain 3: Access Controls Concepts – making up 22% of the exam questions.
Domain 4: Network Security – making up 24% of the  exam questions.
Domain 5: Security Operations – making up 18% of the exam questions.

CC certification holders are required to earn 45 CPEs per 3-year cycle, pay a $50 Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF) and adhere to (ISC)²’s Code of Ethics.