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I am an experienced IT, Cybersecurity, and Project Management trainer.

My Best Selling CISSP, CISM, CC, and PMP courses have 580,000+ enrollments in 190+ countries worldwide, more than 75,000 reviews, and my students have watched over 2,700,000 hours of my training videos.

In the last 20+ years I have worked with most aspects of IT, information security, project management, and training in all those areas.

I am a lifelong learner and I think that is part of what brought me into IT as a career.
I started using computers in 
my teens, and in IT there is just so much to learn and explore.
It evolves so fast and can do such amazing things.

I purchased my first computer to program and play games on when I was 13 (a Commodore-64) and I have always been a gamer, I met my wife on a game 20 years ago.
I owned an internet cafe for some years, and I played serious esports and was on the top CounterStrike team in Denmark.
These days I mostly play offline games since it matches my work schedule.

Every year I help thousands of students pass their certification exams!
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At the Añasco Watchtower, Puerto Rico.

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 CISSP | CISM | CC | CDPSE | CompTIA Security+ | PMP | CCNP R/S  | CCNP Enterprise |  CCNA R/S | CCNA Enterprise  | CCNA-Security| et. al.