CISSP certification: Hacktivism and state sponsored hacking.

Types of attackers:

  • Hacktivism/Hacktivist (hacker activist):
    • Hacking for political or socially motivated purposes.
    • Often aimed at ensuring free speech, human rights, freedom of information movement.
    • Famous attacks: Anonymous – DDOS attack on Visa, Mastercard, PayPal to protest the arrest of Julian Assange (WikiLeaks). Google/Twitter/SayNow worked together to provide communication for the Egyptian people when the government did an internet blackout during the 2011 protests.
  • Governments:
    • State sponsored hacking is common; often you see the attacks happening between the hours of 9 and 5 in that time zone; this is a day job.
    • Approximately 120 countries have been developing ways to use the internet as a weapon to target financial markets, government computer systems and utilities.
    • Famous attacks: US elections (Russia), Sony websites (N. Korea), Stuxnet (US/Israel), US Office of Personnel Management (China), …

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