CISSP Certification

CISSP certification: RBAC (Role based access control).

RBAC (Role Based Access Control): Often used when data integrity is most important.
Most large organizations use role based access control, your access levels are determined by your job role.

  • Policy neutral access control mechanism defined around roles and privileges.
  • A role is assigned permissions, and subjects in that role are added to the group, if they move to another position they are moved to the permissions group for that position.
  • It makes administration of 1,000’s of users and 10,000’s of permissions much easier to manage.
  • The most commonly used form of access control.
  • If implemented right it can also enforce separation of duties and prevent authorization/privilege creep .
  • We move employees transferring within the organization from one role to another and we do not just add the new role to the old one.
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