CISSP certification: Rules, laws and regulations (the Wassenaar Arrangement).

Wassenaar Arrangement – Export/Import controls for Conventional Arms and Dual-Use Goods and Technologies.

  • 41 countries are a part of the arrangement.
  • Cryptography is considered “Dual-Use”.
    • Iran, Iraq, China, Russia and others have import restrictions on strong cryptography.
    • If it is too strong it can not be broken, they want to be able to spy on their citizens.
    • Companies have to make “Country Specific” products with different encryption standards.
  • The arrangement is used both to limit what countries want to export and to what some want to import.
  • It is the responsibility of the organization to know what is permitted to import/export from and to a certain country.
  • The Arrangement covers 10 Categories:
    • 1. Special Materials and Related Equipment,
    • 2. Materials Processing,
    • 3. Electronics,
    • 4. Computers,
    • 5.1– Telecommunications,
    • 5.2 “Information Security“,
    • 6. Sensors and “Lasers“,
    • 7. Navigation and Avionics,
    • 8. Marine,
    • 9. Aerospace and Propulsion.

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