CISSP Friday-Five Questions September 1st 2017.

A DDOS attack is meant to disrupt which leg of the CIA Triad?

When we get his by a DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service), is disrupts our availability, but not integrity or confidentiality.

In the US security breach notification laws are:

Security Breach Notification Laws. NOT Federal, 48 states have individual laws, know the one for your state (none in Alabama and South Dakota). They normally require organizations to inform anyone who had their PII compromised. Many states have an encryption clause where lost encrypted data may not require disclosure.

What is not an example of good multifactor authentication?

Multifactor authentication uses authentication from more than one factor (something you know, are or have). Passwords and usernames are not multifactor, they are both knowledge factors.

Which type of access control models are based on subjects clearance?

MAC - (Mandatory Access Control) is system-enforced access control based on a subject’s clearance and an object’s labels.

Which is an asymmetric form of encryption?

RSA is asymmetric. 3DES, RC6 and Twofish are all symmetric forms of encryption.

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