CISSP certification: Who is attacking data (hackers)?

  • Hackers:
    • Now: Anyone trying to get access to or disrupt any leg of the CIA Triad (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability).
    • Original use:
      • Someone using something in a way not intended.
    • White Hat hackers:
      • Professional Pen Testers trying to find flaws so we can fix it (Ethical Hackers).
    • Black Hat hackers:
      • Malicious hackers, trying to find flaws to exploit them (Crackers – they crack the code).
    • Gray/Grey Hat hackers:
      • They are somewhere between the white and black hats, they go looking for vulnerable code, systems or products.
      • They often just publicize the vulnerability (which can lead to black hats using it before a patch is developed).
      • Gray hats sometimes also approach the company with the vulnerability and ask them to fix it and if nothing happens they publish.
    • Script Kiddies:
      • They have little or no coding knowledge, but many sophisticated hacking tools are available and easy to use.
      • They pose a very real threat. They are just as dangerous as skilled hackers; they often have no clue what they are doing.

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