My thoughts on the new official CISSP book April 15th 2018 and discounts on my practice tests.

I just finished looking at the new version of the official CISSP book from the April 15th 2018 curriculum revision (It is available now on amazon for kindle, hard copy available early/mid may).
The updates are even less than we initially thought, we expected 3-5% change and it is actually less than 1%.
I still would not buy it as a student, IF I already had the previous version.
To reflect the changes I have updated some of my practice questions and all my CISSP test courses are available for only $9.99 per course.
Chose the set that best compliments your study approach, both sets are based on the same unique 1,000 questions.
Set 1 is made to emulate the CISSP exam, there are 4 test courses with 2 full 125 questions in each.
Set 2 is based on the CISSP CBK knowledge areas, there are also 4 tests with 2 CBK domains each. Domain 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8.
CISSP certification practice questions Domain 1 & 2
CISSP certification practice questions Domain 3 & 4
CISSP certification practice questions Domain 5 & 6
CISSP certification practice questions Domain 7 & 8

I hope I can help you get certified,


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