(ISC)² is working on an entry level certification, we expect it to be before the SSCP.

(ISC)² is working on an entry level certification, we expect it to be before the SSCP.

That means no cyber/ITSec experience at all required, sort of entry level certification.




You can help shape the certification (and earn 5 CPEs if you are already certified).



The new entry level exam looks like it will have 5 domains covering all the Cyber/IT-Security basics.

Domain 1: Security Principles

  • 1. Understand the Five Pillars of Information Assurance
  • 2. Understand the risk management process
  • 3. Understand security controls
  • 4. Understand (ISC)² Code of Ethics
  • 5. Understand governance processes

Domain 2: Business Continuity (BC), Disaster Recovery (DR), and Incident Response Concepts

  • 1. Understand business continuity (BC)
  • 2. Understand disaster recovery (DR)
  • 3. Understand incident response

Domain 3: Access Controls Concepts

  • 1. Understand physical access controls
  • 2. Understand logical access controls

Domain 4: Network Security

  • 1. Understand computer networking
  • 2. Understand network threats and attacks
  • 3. Understand network security infrastructure

Domain 5: Security Operations

  • 1. Understand data security
  • 2. Understand system hardening
  • 3. Understand best practice security policies
  • 4. Understand security awareness training


I hope I can help you get certified,


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