The PMP is the gold standard of Project Management certifications in the US

There are currently over 200,000 open PMP jobs in the US

For any end certification that is a HUGE demand for certified individuals. 

There is an ever-growing demand for certified Project Managers. 

Through 2027, the project management-oriented labor force is expected to grow by 33 percent, or nearly 22 million new jobs.

Source: ziprecruiter

To pass your PMP certification you really need 4 things, we will teach you all of them.

  • The knowledge, be able to explain the concepts, where/when/why/how we would use it.
  • The ability to deconstruct questions to figure out; what are they ACTUALLY asking here?
  • The ability to pick the MOST right answer, there may be 2 more or less right answers. Which answer is the MOST right in this specific situation in the eyes of PMI?
  • Time management, you have 72 seconds per question on average.
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Your instructors:

Jason Dion
250,000+ Students Worldwide – Best Selling Udemy instructor – CISSP, CEH, Pentest+, CySA+, Sec+, Net+, A+, PRINCE2, ITIL

Ku’uipo Laumatia Murray
20+ years of training PMP students, former college adjunct professor (Project Management), former PMI President of the Honolulu chapter, MBA, and Doctoral candidate in Education leadership.

Christine Rose
18 years of experience managing projects, programs, and portfolios. Master of Science in Project Management (MPM – Master Project Manager), and experienced educator and trainer.

Thor Pedersen
67,000+ Students Worldwide – Best Selling Udemy instructor – CISSP, PMP, CISM, CDPSE, CEH, 2x CCNP, Security+, 3xCCNA

Frequently asked PMP questions

I can’t promise you anything, but there is a huge demand for PMP certified professionals, there are currently 200,000 open PMP jobs in the US alone and we are seeing the same picture across the world. 
The average PMP salary in the US is over $120,000 per year.

This is the approach I use for all my studying and it seems to work for the majority of my students.

For the PMP get 1-2 good video courses, 1-2 good books, and do 1,500-3,000 practice questions before the exam.

• Watch each video class once, watch it without taking notes, and watch the videos at 0.75x-1x speed. If instructor talks very slowly; speed the videos up to 1.25x – 1.5x speed.
• Read the primary book once, read everything, highlight what you think is important or what the book tells you is important.
• Re-watch each video class, take notes, and watch the videos at 1x – 1.25 speed. If instructor talks very slowly; speed the videos up to 1.5x – 2x speed.
• Re-read the primary book or read the secondary book if you have it, read everything, highlight what you know is important.
• Start on practice tests; it is normal for students who pass the PMP to have completed 1,500-3,000 unique practice questions.

You need to understand ALL the concepts, be able to explain them, and be able to logic your way through convoluted exam questions.

You need to spend a good deal of time learning to deconstruct questions; what are they really asking here?

Do not worry if you spend 3-5 minutes on a question to begin with, just learn to deconstruct the question.

Deconstruct questions and answers:
• Read the question; spot the keywords (GAP, stakeholder, fixed cost) and indicators (FIRST, MOST, BEST), then deconstruct the question; what are they really asking here.
• Once you have deconstructed the question, read the answer options.
• Deconstruct the answer options too if needed.

Normal questions have 2 distractors and 2 possible right answers.

There can also be 4 wrong answers (you then pick the LEAST wrong answer), or 4 right answers (you then pick the MOST right answer).

Do not use the same question sets more than once. You will get higher scores, but it will be inaccurate scores; you have seen the questions before.

After each practice test, review the questions you got wrong, read the question explanation. Then re-read the book and re-watch the video topics you answered wrong on the test.

Re-study the topic until you understand WHY the right answer is the right answer, and why you answered it wrong.

Keep doing practice tests until you hit 75-80%+ on all domains on multiple test engines.

The last 2-4 weeks, read 11th hour and re-watch all the videos at 1.5x – 2x speed, this is just to refresh the topics you covered earlier in your studying. At this point you should be be at 75-80% on practice tests.

All this is included in our courses:
18+ hours of PMP videos.
270+ PMP practice questions
PMP study guides from the lectures
PMP study plan
35+ Assignments
35 Contact hours / PDUs

PMP certification holders are required to earn 60 PDUs per 3-year cycle.

Pay the renewal fee $60 for members and $150 for non members.

To be eligible to sit for your PMP certification you need either

A four-year degree, three years leading projects – 4500 hours and 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM® Certification


A high school diploma or an associate’s degree (or global equivalent), five years leading projects – 7500 hours, and 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM® Certification

If you do not have either of those we suggest looking at the CAPM certification.

Yes, we have made a PMP study guide for you using our slides.

You have 4 hours to answer 200 multiple choice questions, you can take the exam at a Pearson-Vue testing center or remotely.

Yes! You have lifetime access to our course, you can watch the videos and do the practice questions as many times as you want.