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Certified in Cybersecurity course (CC) 2022

CISSP video courses

ALL CISSP content is updated for the current exam (2021).

CISSP practice tests:
Exam emulation HARD questions

How to study

CISSP practice tests:
Exam emulation easy/mid questions

CISSP practice tests:
Per domain easy/mid questions

CISM courses

ALL CISM content is updated for the 2022 exam changes, the next change is expected to be in 2027.

PMP course

Our PMP content is updated for the 2021 exam changes, the next change is expected to be somewhere between 2024 and 2026.

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Frequently asked questions:

On Udemy our CISSP and CISM courses are split into multiple courses, on ThorTeaches they are bundled.

ThorTeaches is cheaper, everything is bundled, has a better test engine and keyword search in all videos the hard Boson questions are only on ThorTeaches.
ThorTeaches is 12-months access and there is no offline viewing. 

Udemy is more expensive, single course purchase, so you need to buy all the course, lifetime access, and Udemy has offline viewing for videos.


On Udemy, the courses are split into multiple courses you need to purchase them all to get the same content as the Thor Teaches bundle course.

That is possible, but we recommend getting resources from multiple sources and with the price point we keep our courses at, it should be possible to get them both the video and practice exam courses.

Most often not, the CISSP, PMP, and CISM exams are difficult exams, for all of them we recommend multiple video classes, books, and a lot of practice questions.

For any of those exams, no single resource is really enough.